Complex technological lines


Modern warehouse logistics requires important and complex solutions for its optimization. One of the main optimization methods is to use modern equipment that can increase its efficiency. In particular, it will reduce logistics costs and increase business productivity and profitability.

Efficient solutions for production lines

A wide range of our company’s equipment allows us to provide enterprises production lines with everything necessary. Particularly, product quality can be optimized and improved with the help of:

        Box loading stations (the filling process is automated and does not require manual intervention)

        Belt conveyors (of any size and shape)

        Metal detectors (allow detecting metal particles in raw materials)

        Bunker auger conveyors

        Pumps and pipelines (to distribute and supply sausage meat)

        Conveyors (allow organizing conveyor production and movement of product between production areas)

        Auger conveyors

For a food production line to be productive and automated, it is worth paying attention to the options we are proposing. Such a wide range of equipment allows you to choose the best combination of equipment so to satisfy the requirements in full.

Equipment for the agricultural business sector

We propose complex solutions for agricultural business at all stages of storage and processing of agricultural products. These are a variety of racks for grocery warehouses, truck unloaders for grain carriers, and cargo equipment. When developing a set of solutions, our company specialists take into account all the features and peculiarities of doing business, so we guarantee a significant increase in efficiency and productivity of your enterprise.

  Equipment agricultural business includes:

        Reloading systems;

        Belt conveyors;


        Metal furniture;

        Cargo vehicles;

        Metal structures;


Warehouse automation is always a good solution, especially when scaling a business. Conveyors and other special equipment will increase storage density of raw materials without losing its processing speed.

 Ordering complex warehouse logistics services

KONSORT specialists will create complete lines for production and warehouses regardless of your activity field. Our clients are in pharmaceutical, construction, agricultural, manufacturing and trade businesses, so we offer you to use proven solutions.

Automation of production processes will reduce production costs without lowering quality, standardize the processing of raw materials and provide clear traceability of each process. Solid waste processing line, division of products into portions and their packaging – we are ready to offer all of these on beneficial terms for you.