Agricultural business

Conveyor solutions for agriculture

The KONSORT company offers a wide selection of conveyor equipment that meets the needs of various branches of agriculture. Our assortment includes (types of equipment for agriculture from the KONSORT company):

Conveyors for sorting agricultural products: Our conveyors are specially designed for efficient sorting, calibration, movement of your products at all stages of production – from harvesting to storage. They provide a continuous flow of products, which allows you to increase productivity and reduce processing costs. Conveyors for sorting: roller, belt, chain, drive roller conveyors; calibrators: roller, beehive, rotary, vibrating.

Conveyors for transporting agricultural products: Our equipment helps move a variety of agricultural crops quickly and efficiently, from hay to vegetables. This allows you to optimize the work process and ensures the preservation of product quality. Conveyor conveyors: belt horizontal, chain, rod, rotary, inclined, vertical and spiral.

Equipment for preparation and storage of agricultural products: Our conveyors help automate the processes of quality preparation and safe storage of products, ensuring accuracy and speed of tasks. This allows for efficient use of resources and increased production capacity. Equipment for product processing: bubble, brush, drum washers, cutting machines, weighing conveyors, tippers, elevators, complex technological lines.

What solutions for the automation of the agricultural sector provide:

Productivity increase: Increasing the processing speed of agricultural products, which allows to increase the production capacity.

Reduction of losses: Minimization of losses during transportation and storage, which contributes to the economy of resources.

Quality assurance: Automated packaging and sorting processes ensure high product quality.

Optimization of work processes: Effective use of working time and reduction of the need for manual labor.

Cost Reduction: Minimize transportation and handling costs, resulting in increased profits.

Buy a conveyor for agriculture in Ukraine:

Consultation and selection of equipment: Our specialists will help you choose the optimal conveyor solution, taking into account your needs and budget.

Delivery and installation: We provide fast delivery and professional installation of equipment directly on your farm. Equipment and maintenance warranty.

Service: Constant support and maintenance ensure the reliable operation of your equipment throughout the entire life of its operation (24/7 service throughout Ukraine).

Don’t waste time and opportunities to optimize your agriculture with conveyor solutions from the KONSORT company.