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We are your technology partner. Just give us a task and 15 days, and we will provide you with the results.

“KONSORT” is your business growth point. This is our image, purpose and customer focus. We aim to develop Ukrainian business and we already have a solid experience of successful projects of automation business processes at leading enterprises in Ukraine. We understand that in today’s global and high-tech world only the most effective ones win.

Therefore, we ourselves are a model of such efficiency and we work very carefully using Japanese Lean technologies (“Lean Manufacturing” from TOYOTA). This is what makes it possible for us to stay ahead of the market, be faster and better than competitors and give the best prices. We improve our workspace organization by using 5S technology, constantly improve our own business processes using Kaizen; we use a Kanban system for the efficiency of production organization and supply (concept “Just in Time”); we analyze KPIs (Key Performance Indicators); we control costs with Muda technologies; we maintenance equipment according to the TPM system; we build production sites using SMED (quick changeover); and we digitalize internal communications and processes in the CRM system.

A satisfied client is our end result, that is why his or her lawyers work for us.

We have our own team of design engineers, technologists, IT specialists, electromechanics, who will thoroughly analyze your problem and find the optimal solution in synergy. The experience of hundreds of various scales businesses automation and modernization proves the success of this approach; therefore we guarantee good results of cooperation.

It is important that at the final stage of production, the products are checked by an independent body of the enterprise, that is the technical control department. This independent department (OTK) carried out control over the products conformity to the established requirements and guarantees this conformity to the consumer, they are our client’s lawyer. Not a single product can be shipped until it has passed full control, testing, and inspection and meets all the criteria and technical tasks agreed with the customer. Quality and conformity are above all.

Personnel qualification, modern technologies and production resources allow us to manufacture everything: from an ordinary cart or conveyor to complex technological lines. We are happy to become your technology partner. Just give us a task and 15 days, and we will provide you with the results.

Stages of our interaction with you:

  1. Request. We specify all the questions and problems that you would like to have been solved. The design department makes calculations of the project (if necessary, our representatives go to the customer’s enterprise for measurements). We provide a commercial offer.
  2. Documentation. We prepare a contract and a product specification, which describe in detail the equipment characteristics and provide a detailed diagram (3D model) with dimensions.
  3. Approval. We make sure that you have clarified all the details and approved the project 3D model. After an advance payment has been made, the order manufacturing process starts.
  4. Control. You will be aware of each production stage, as a personal project manager will send you photos and video materials of the current production situation. You can also come to the plant at any time to actually see the process. The Quality Control Department carries out independent control to prove the products conformity to the agreed requirements and guarantee you this compliance.
  5. Installation. After manufacturing we ship your order, and our specialists install the equipment at the destination place, carry out configuration, testing and instruction. And only after that you make the final payment.
  6. Service. Maintenance, configuration, training and consulting, equipment repair 24/7. We have 20 our own service sites throughout Ukraine, so you can be sure of your production continuity.

We are proud of what we do and for who we do it.

Our plant has been one of the leaders in integrated solutions production for industrial automation since 2006, becoming over the years the holder of the title “Industry Leader” (2010, 2012, 2015, 2017, 2018). Our quality is highly appreciated according to international standards: we received the international quality certificate ISO 9001:2015, and the main types of products received the CE (“European Conformity”) marking, which certifies that the product complies with the essential requirements of EU directives and European Union harmonized standards. We have entered international markets and are already working in 17 countries around the world. The company is a member of the Polish and Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, the owner of unique developments and exclusive solutions portfolio for more than 100 enterprises in Ukraine and Europe.

But our most important achievement is long-term cooperation with Ukrainian innovative companies that are leaders in their industries. We enjoy it when the investment in our equipment pays off quickly and together with the client we think about the next step of modernization. We are proud of enterprises that do not stop at what they have already achieved, that are willing to take risks, and move forward along with the world of innovation and continuous improvement. We help our clients to become more competitive and efficient players at the market by automating their business processes and optimizing costs, constant quality improvement of their raw materials or products, creating innovative solutions, taking care of personnel and working conditions improvement.

The best workers
Fediy Artem
Fediy Artem
project manager
Kostenko Alla
Kostenko Alla
executive director
Herasko Yuriy
Herasko Yuriy
director of the engineering and design department
Ovchinnikov Bohdan
Ovchinnikov Bohdan
production director