Lifts and Tippers

The purchase of elevators and tippers is a good bargain

Warehouse lifting equipment is the equipment used for lifting, lowering, and moving cargo in a vertical position. It is manufactured at plants in accordance with all technical standards and must be tested for compliance with the declared characteristics.

Types of lifting equipment

There are three types of warehouse elevators:

Scissor-type. The most popular and demanded type of elevators.

Main advantages:

High level of security;

Simple design;


It can lift cargo with a total weight of up to 30 tons to a height of no more than 12 meters. Such type of elevators is used at warehouses, car services, and logistics companies.

Mine-type. More expensive and more difficult to install than a scissor-type elevator.

Main advantages:

Can lift the load to the level of the third floor;

Built-in security system against emergencies;

Have traps for belaying in case of rope breakage. Elevators can lift loads up to 5 tons to the height up to 18 meters. Such type of elevators is used at cafes, banks, and manufacturing enterprises.

Console-type. It will be economically profitable to buy such type of elevator because it costs much less. It differs in trajectory types:

move along an inclined path;

move along a vertical path;

move along an individual path

Such type elevators are installed indoors in open space. Their lifting height is up to 24 meters, lifting capacity is up to 10 tons.

Types of tippers

Before buying a tipper, get some information about its types:

By purpose: to unload single trolleys and entire trains

By tipping directions: circular, frontal, and wayside

By operating mode: continuous, and with periodic switching on

The tipper is used to unload trolleys with firmly fixed body on the frame.

Technical characteristics:

The ability to choose the unloading direction;

The ability to block the tipper in the desired position;

The ability to adjust the lifting height;

The equipment is safe, quiet, and durable.

Purchase of elevators and tippers in Ukraine

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