Storage bins

Hoppers are made of quality materials

Hopper manufacturing is a common practice as this equipment allows storage, distribution and serving of vegetables and fruit during the manufacturing process. Using them makes it possible to increase the grade and quality of the product and reduce the amount of waste.

Benefits from installing hoppers

Buying a hopper is a profitable and rational solution that will allow:

to increase production automation level;

to increase enterprise productivity;

to optimize the utilization rate of storage areas;

to reduce the cost of raw materials transportation;

to improve product sanitary and epidemiological indicators.

Types of hoppers

Depending on the specifics of the production process, there are several types of containers with different shapes and volumes.

There are following types of hoppers according to their external parameters:

vertical and horizontal models;

cylindrical and parallelepiped;

with bottom and top fed system;

with flat or conical bottom;

with or without support.

The equipment can store from 10 m3 to 200 m3 of raw materials, and can be made of stainless or black steel, aluminum or polymer materials.

Where to order a hopper

One of our company specializations is production of hoppers. Depending on the operating conditions and production process specifics, we offer the manufacture of hoppers, containers, tanks on order according to individual projects and requirements.

We guarantee affordable price and the highest quality for each hopper. Moreover, the company’s specialists will carry out the equipment installation and putting it into operation. Our services are provided throughout Ukraine with a quality guarantee. Automating your business is easy. You only need to choose a suitable model of hopper from our company.