Washing and cleaning

Modern washing equipment

Technology makes our life easier and production process more efficient. Modern washing equipment for fruit and vegetables saves time due to process automation, which leads to reduction in number of workers involved. For example, KONSORT company bubble washer can process up to 5 tons of vegetables and fruit in 1 hour. The product remains complete and ready to use. It suits well for large enterprises, and increases productivity and processing quality.

Why you need vegetable washing machines

Washed fruit and vegetables are ready to use and are served in perfect condition for sale. The equipment is suitable for all fruit; you just need to select the desired operating mode. It is not a secret that unpeeled vegetables or fruit don’t look well and ready for sale, but clean potatoes or carrots are attractive in the eyes of buyers. An industrial vegetable washer will be a reliable and high-quality solution for such tasks.

Vegetable washer is the right choice

Our company equipment meets the declared quality standards. Vegetables and fruit washing equipment is made of quality materials and components from international companies, which ensures reliable use for years. On the KONSORT website you can find washers for various needs and products type, and if not, our company’s specialists will design equipment individually for your needs and enterprise specifics. All the units for washing fruit and vegetables are fully equipped and ready to be used.

The set includes:

Working area with a lot of space for simultaneous placement of big amount of vegetables;

Design for water supply;

Filters for cleaning;

Water sump.

The vegetable and root washer is equipped with a central water supply system. Due to this, there is continuous water circulation, which ensures equipment long-term operation without overheating.

Types of equipment

Fruit and vegetables washer has a direct purpose, but its functionality depends on the type of machine and its configuration. They can be:

for polishing;


for washing and polishing.

Each model is used depending on the needs of the production process. All functional characteristics are included in the instructions and are additionally discussed with our specialists.

Washing machine advantages

It is important to evaluate equipment that automates production and increases productivity while demonstrating a wide range of functions.  The vegetable washer has the following advantages:

Easy to use;

Affordable price;

Wide range of models with various functional sets;

Easy to maintenance and clean;

Reliability and quality guarantee.

For more information, please, call us or fill in the form on our website. Our managers will call you back and answer any question. KONSORT will become a growth point for your business!