Brush sink for strawberries (up to 1 000 kg / h)

Brush sink is used as a second degree cleaning equipment (after cleaning in a bubble washer). The product goes through the following stages: at first, strawberries are loaded into a brush sink after being washed in a bubble washer. Then the raw material is picked up by rotating brushes, which clear berries from sand. The products are washed with running water which runs from the top out of nozzles and then goes into the drain hole located on the side of the sink. Clean berries can be transferred onto inspection tables for further sorting by operators. The equipment is made of food grade stainless steel.

Technical characteristics:
Overall dimensions 1 200 * 500 mm
Number of brushes 10 units
Brush material polyamide (nylon)
Motor reducer 0.55 kW, Neri Motori, Italy
The equipment can be designed according to individual parameters necessary for the customer
Economic advantage:
Improving products quality and grade Improving products quality and grade
Improving products quality and grade Reducing damage of raw materials
Improving products quality and grade Productivity increase up to 70%
Improving products quality and grade Reduction in human-related risks
Spheres of usage:
  • Enterprises and factories specialized in processing, packing, and freezing products
Benefits and options:
  1. European design and quality
  2. Manufacturing process automation, high-quality result
  3. Productivity increase by 3 times
  4. Profit increase by 50%