Transporters and conveyors

Conveyor equipment manufacturing

Conveyor is transportation equipment designed for the automation of warehouse and production lines. In modern conditions it is very difficult and expensive to achieve high performance indicators relying only on manual labour. More and more enterprises are choosing conveyor equipment that can optimize processing and production capacity. It is precisely this multifunctional and reliable equipment that we offer to modern enterprises.

Varieties of conveyor equipment

Conveyors, together with automated storage systems and peripheral equipment including sorting and packaging devices, form an optimal conveying system. 

Among them the following types are distinguished:

Belt conveyors – practical, economical and affordable conveyors that are used in various production areas;

Vertical conveyors – designed for transportation of piece and bulk products vertically or horizontally to working line sections with different heights;

Chain conveyors – designed using a plate chain that moves with the help of special drive rollers;

Roller conveyors – mechanized equipment designed to move piece cargo.

All these types of equipment are custom-made by our specialists. Manufacturing of conveyors is one the company’s specializations, which allows applying new methods of products, raw materials and cargo transportation.

Development and implementation of our own solutions

With our own software development department, we can integrate an automated conveyor and sorting system. Unique software programs are created in order to implement the conveyor systems control.

In particular, the company’s capabilities are not limited by software release. We manufacture conveyor lines of any complexity, from simple roller equipment to automated sorting systems.

The conveyors production is carried out taking into account the facility capacity, its areas and spheres of usage, products load and size, and customer personal wishes. All this in combination allows you to get the necessary equipment quickly so to achieve the desired result.

Complex solutions for all production processes

Conveyors manufacturing is a work that requires taking into account a lot of nuances. Even a minor error can significantly affect the speed and quality of cargo transportation. The experience of our specialists excludes the possibility of mistakes in the design, manufacture and installation of such equipment. Many years of work in this area, as well as integrated approach to finding effective solutions allows KONSORT to work efficiently, openly and honestly. Today we are able to provide warehouses and production enterprises in Ukraine with the necessary equipment of any complexity. The equipment of our production will have all the desired set of characteristics.

Conveyors manufacturing features

Now it is much easier to buy conveyor from manufacturer since we have powerful production and technological base. In the process of manufacturing such equipment we use proven and high-quality motor reducers, associated materials and components. Each manufactured equipment is tested. All products on sale are certified, and have passport and guarantee.

If you are interested in automating your business, please contact us. Reasonable prices, diversified approach to solving technical problems and timely provided services all over Ukraine.