Inspection roller table

The inspection roller table is reliable equipment that allows you to carefully and manually sort different types of vegetables. Vegetables are moved and rotated and they are easy to check manually and to send to another transport compartment, from which they are sent to a waste container or another belt conveyor for further selection and sorting.
Technical characteristics:
Overall dimensions 3 000 * 1 000 * 850 mm
Board height 30 mm
Motor reducer 2.2 kW
Connection to power supply 380 Volts
The equipment can be designed according to individual parameters necessary for the customer
Economic advantage:
Improving products quality and grade Improving products quality and grade
Improving products quality and grade Productivity increase up to 90%
Improving products quality and grade Lower labour costs
Improving products quality and grade Reduction in human-related risks
Spheres of usage:
  • To sort potatoes, beets, onions, garlic, cabbage and other vegetables and some fruit
  • To partial separation of soil and vegetables stems
Benefits and options:
  1. European design provides a professional look
  2. Certified European components
  3. The equipment is designed in accordance with all the rules and regulations put forward to the food industry equipment
  4. There is possibility of modification according to individual parameters