Vegetables and fruit calibrator

A lot of people and technology are involved in the production of food products. In particular, when processing a large amount of vegetables and fruit, a calibrator is very necessary. This equipment will help save time and increase production productivity. The KONSORT company offers to purchase a multipurpose calibrator for vegetables at manufacturer’s prices.

Features and capabilities

For mass product distribution it is necessary that the product in one lot is the same size. The calibrator has a wide range of functions for exact sorting of potatoes, beets, onions, and carrots. It can also be used when processing fruit. Among the distinctive features of the automatic calibration equipment there is an ability to adjust the distance between the gaps. The selected product sizes can be from 17 to 130 mm which is useful for sorting vegetables and fruit. Gaps are adjusted to the needs of the customer.

On your request you can buy a vegetable calibrator processing oblong vegetables such as carrots. Such equipment is adapted to the sizes of various grades and is capable of sorting up to 6-8 tons per hour. There are three setting positions: large, medium, and small. You can switch between them remotely.


With the fruit calibrator you can sort fruit of different diameters while sifting out debris. It is able to process hard fruit, and berries of all shapes and sizes.

Reasons for buying a fruit and vegetable calibrator:

Pieces are not deformed during sorting;

Dimensions can be adjusted with great precision;

High work productivity;

The price of vegetable calibrators depends on the type of design.

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The KONSORT company provides an opportunity to buy sorting equipment for any needs with a quality guarantee.