Belt conveyors

Belt conveyors and conveyors (equipment)

Belt conveyors are technical devices that ensure efficient movement of various types of cargo at enterprises in various industries. Available in various configurations and designs, belt conveyors can greatly facilitate production processes and optimize logistics in various industries.

1. Types of belt conveyors

Belt conveyors can be classified according to several parameters:

By appointment:

Cargo conveyors: Used to transport heavy or small cargo such as finished products, materials, packaging and more.
Sorting conveyors: Used for automatic sorting of goods by size, shape, color, etc.

By type of movement:

Horizontal conveyors: Move along the plane of the horizontal surface.
Inclined (inclined) conveyors: Move at an angle, used to move cargo from one level to another.

According to the shape of the tape:

Straight belt conveyors: Have a straight shape and are used to move cargo over short distances.
Interchangeable (cow) conveyors: Have the shape of the letter “Z” or “C”, allowing the movement of cargo over a greater distance.

2. Where and how belt conveyors are used

Belt conveyors are used in various industries:

Heavy industry: Horizontal conveyors are used to move large, bulky products, heavy materials and components, such as metal blanks in the metallurgical industry.
Food industry: Sorting conveyors help in automatic sorting of fruits, vegetables, packaging, etc. Horizontal conveyors help in the packaging and transportation of finished products.
Light industry: Used to transport textiles, clothing, electronics, etc.

3. Advantages of belt conveyors

utomation: Significantly simplifies routine tasks and ensures automatic transport of goods.
Increased Productivity: Reduces product handling time, which helps increase productivity.
Optimization of Logistics: Helps to effectively organize logistics at the enterprise.

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