Inclined conveyor

Inclined conveyor is designed to transport berries and fruit to the next processing stage, it helps to accelerate production processes. Depending on the characteristics of products feeding equipment, the characteristics of the feeding methods are also selected. The conveyor prevents spilling of products when moving along the belt and is equipped with a hopper. Depending on the type of product, we will choose the best version of inclined conveyor that meets the needs of your production. The belt runs along the deck. The conveyor is equipped with support rollers to prevent the belt from sagging. Tensioning mechanisms are used to regulate the tension. The conveyor is made of structural steel or stainless steel.

Technical characteristics:
Belt type PVC, 2 mm
Conveyor length 5 000 mm
Belt width 800 mm
Motor reducer 1,5 kW, Neri Motori, Italy
Frequency converter INVT
The equipment can be designed according to individual parameters necessary for the customer
Economic advantage:
Lower production costs Lower production costs
Lower production costs Productivity increase by 70%
Lower production costs Workforce optimization up to 30%
Lower production costs Improving in the organization of production and management
Spheres of usage:
  • To transport bulk products and boxes
  • To move products along the line
  • To move products up and down at different levels
  • To redirect products
Benefits and options:
  1. European design provides a professional look
  2. Durable powder coating or certified food grade stainless steel
  3. European components
  4. Adjustable belt speed