Conveyor systems
KONSORT is a Ukrainian factory that manufactures solutions for the automation of production, sorting and logistics of enterprises. We are a technology partner that helps pump up your business and take it to a new level of development. We create automation equipment: conveyor systems, roller conveyors, calibrators, complex production, sorting and processing lines, and even things that have not yet been invented. We are a growth point for business. Shall we work together?
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Areas of work:
We manufacture equipment and machinery that can facilitate a certain process and reduce costs. From the transporter, a roller conveyor or the conveyor to complex technological lines (production, sorting, transporting, on processing). For 17 years of activity we have established ourselves as a reliable partner and a quality manufacturer, and remain the main supplier of equipment for leading companies in the Ukrainian market.
We take responsibility for our products and for the businesses that trust us - that's why even after the implementation of projects, we keep in touch with customers, service all machinery and equipment and provide advice. In case of urgent repair of electrical and hydraulic equipment - there is a rapid response team and our services throughout Ukraine. They will quickly and efficiently carry out all repairs so that your business continues to operate without downtime and loss.
LEAN-technologies in production and professionalism of workers in synergy are able to give high quality at a reasonable price. We will hear your problem, we will develop solutions for it to automate your business processes as much as possible. The full cycle of solution production - from development, design, production and installation to further training of personnel and maintenance of equipment. Experience of successful solutions in the fields of logistics, industry, agriculture and ecology.
(UA) KONSORT — обладнання для автоматизації виробництва KONSORT — equipment for production automation

Ukrainian company “KONSORT”™ is a reliable technological partner for entrepreneurs of various categories. We create modern equipment for production automation and workflow efficiency improvement. From creation, testing, processing, calibration to logistics, each stage and link in production will become significantly simpler, allowing you to reach new heights of success.

We have come a long way in development to assist entrepreneurs and businessmen in successfully growing their businesses. The brand “KONSORT”™ has successfully transformed from the company “SMS” into a large modern factory producing equipment and machinery for businesses.

Business Solutions

We have long exceeded the initial format of work and have established capacities for creating equipment for production automation. Our company offers B2B solutions in the following areas: logistics, industry, agricultural sector, and ecology.

Continuous development and improvement are important to us, so we never stop and continue to evolve, constantly seeking new ideas for growth. Among the important innovative implementations are practical solutions for various business sectors:

Industry and Manufacturing Transportation of products during processing. Conveyors for cargo, raw materials, and other types of products save time on transportation and increase production efficiency. Equipment equipped with rollers spaced at small distances from each other for product movement. Rollers for transporting oversized containers, boxes, crates, and pallets make the transportation process more efficient and practical, as well as increase production capacity. Warehousing and Logistics Sorting of oversized cargo and parcels in distribution centers or warehouses. Specialized lines for oversized cargo allow for quick and accurate sorting of cargo by dimensions and directions. Automation of logistic processes during cargo sorting. A line for small-sized cargo weighing up to 10 kg will help to accurately and quickly distribute cargoes of various dimensions into 120 directions. Delivery of goods to sorting locations using various modifications of carts. Carts significantly accelerate the movement of products within the warehouse and the delivery of goods to sorting lines. Accurate weighing of cargo, products, and raw materials. Weighing equipment makes the process of stacking, moving, and weighing bulk goods and raw materials 80% more efficient, thereby increasing warehouse throughput. Agricultural Sector Sorting of agricultural products by size. Calibrators of various modifications allow for the fastest and most accurate sorting of products by size and fractions. Primary processing stage of agricultural products. With the help of an inspection sorting table, the efficiency of quality control increases, and the sorting process becomes faster and easier. Ecology and Landscaping Processing and sorting of waste and solid household waste at landfills. One of the most complex stages becomes significantly more efficient and faster thanks to special sorting lines and presses for valuable secondary raw materials. Sorting and processing of waste on-site. This provides the opportunity to make environmental care and landscaping more mobile, without being tied to a specific location. Main Types of Products

Among the wide range of solutions and equipment for production automation, the following popular types of proprietary products should be highlighted:

Sorting systems. Technological lines. Conveyors. Calibrators. Industrial washers. Weighing equipment. Warehouse equipment. Why Choose Us?

Our company has been actively cooperating with factories, manufacturing facilities, and enterprises in various parts of Ukraine and Europe for over 17 years. The team of “KONSORT”™ consists of the best specialists and professionals who have successfully implemented over 4500 projects of varying complexity.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we fully understand the specifics of various industries and can guarantee the implementation of the best efficient solutions for your business. When manufacturing individual orders, we adhere to European quality standards (ISO, CE) and the main needs of your enterprise.

Maximum speed is one of the advantages of working with us, as we understand the importance of timely solution implementation. For absolute comfort in working with proprietary products and equipment, we provide qualified technical and informational support.

Mobile service is provided by 22 of our own service centers in Ukraine and 17 international offices. Practical and efficient solutions, modern equipment, and machinery from “KONSORT”™ are a guarantee of rapid and successful development of your business!