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KONSORT is a Ukrainian factory that manufactures solutions for the automation of production, sorting and logistics of enterprises. We are a technology partner that helps pump up your business and take it to a new level of development. We create automation equipment: conveyor systems, roller conveyors, calibrators, complex production, sorting and processing lines, and even things that have not yet been invented. We are a growth point for business. Shall we work together?
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Areas of work:
We manufacture equipment and machinery that can facilitate a certain process and reduce costs. From the transporter, a roller conveyor or the conveyor to complex technological lines (production, sorting, transporting, on processing). For 17 years of activity we have established ourselves as a reliable partner and a quality manufacturer, and remain the main supplier of equipment for leading companies in the Ukrainian market.
We take responsibility for our products and for the businesses that trust us - that's why even after the implementation of projects, we keep in touch with customers, service all machinery and equipment and provide advice. In case of urgent repair of electrical and hydraulic equipment - there is a rapid response team and our services throughout Ukraine. They will quickly and efficiently carry out all repairs so that your business continues to operate without downtime and loss.
LEAN-technologies in production and professionalism of workers in synergy are able to give high quality at a reasonable price. We will hear your problem, we will develop solutions for it to automate your business processes as much as possible. The full cycle of solution production - from development, design, production and installation to further training of personnel and maintenance of equipment. Experience of successful solutions in the fields of logistics, industry, agriculture and ecology.
KONSORT — equipment for production automation

Equipment for Production Automation

The Ukrainian company «KONSORT»™ offers modern solutions for automating production processes. We manufacture equipment designed to enhance efficiency at every stage of production: from sorting, transportation, and calibration to subsequent cleaning, weighing, processing, and storage. Our technological solutions ensure fast and reliable execution of production tasks, save time, and increase productivity.

Efficient Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems from «KONSORT»™ are reliable equipment for transporting various types of cargo. We offer solutions for industry, warehouses, and the agricultural sector that ensure fast and safe movement of products. Our conveyors, of all types and modifications, save time on transportation, automate processes, and increase production capacity.

Buy Conveyor Manufacturer Ukraine

Buying a conveyor in Ukraine from the manufacturer «KONSORT»™ means investing in reliable and efficient equipment. We offer a wide range of conveyor systems that meet European quality standards (ISO, CE). Our conveyors ensure high productivity and ease of use, helping you optimize work processes and increase the efficiency of your business.

Warehouse and Production Equipment

We offer modern warehouse and production equipment for optimizing logistics and production processes. We provide solutions for sorting, transporting, weighing, and accounting for cargo, which enhance the efficiency of warehouse and production operations. Our equipment and machinery help you reduce logistics costs and increase warehouse throughput, ensuring accurate accounting and fast movement of products.

Why Our Comprehensive Automation Solutions?

For over 17 years, our company has been actively collaborating with factories, manufacturers, and enterprises across Ukraine and Europe. The «KONSORT»™ team consists of top specialists and professionals who have successfully implemented over 4,500 projects of varying complexity. We collaborate with the best companies in Ukraine: NOVA POSHTA, ROSHEN, KFC, DANONE, ROZETKA, MOLOKIYA, FRUKTONA, MHP, OBOLON, and others.

With extensive experience, we fully understand the specifics of various industries and can guarantee the implementation of the best effective solutions for your business. In manufacturing custom orders, we adhere to European quality standards (ISO, CE) and the primary needs of your enterprise.

Our mobile service operates through 22 own service sites in Ukraine and 17 foreign representative offices. Practical and effective solutions, modern equipment, and machinery from «KONSORT»™ are the guarantee of the rapid and successful development of your business!

Shall we work together? Get a free consultation and KP, contact: (067) 116 50 25

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