Machines for cutting

Cutting equipment – quality guarantee

Nowadays enterprises need to minimize human factor in manufacturing, but increase productivity and automate processes. Cutting equipment allows you to process large amounts of vegetables in a short period of time. Furthermore, it is possible to choose the desired shape: cubes, straws, or circles. Such equipment becomes in irreplaceable assistant at work because besides processing fresh vegetables, it is able to cut all types of cheese.

Cutting equipment features

When choosing equipment for processing production, you should pay attention to its advantages. The cutting equipment has a wide range of functions:

high performance;

easy to install and operate;

affordable cost;

easy to maintenance;


With the help of this equipment you can process a large amount of vegetables, fruit, and even berries. You can find detailed information in the equipment technical specifications or by calling our managers. They will answer all your questions and help you to choose the equipment that will meet all the needs of your production process.

How the cutting machine works

The full set of functions is describes in the technical documentation. The cutting equipment consists of basic parts. The main parts are:

a conveyor that delivers products to the equipment working area;

roller belt which allows to choose the right position for vegetables and fruit;

internal knives set for chopping.

First, the prepared products get into the working area, and on the belt they are placed at a given angle, that helps to get the desired result. The vegetables cutting equipment has various openings for manual feeding of raw materials up to the knife, ensuring high cutting quality. The KONSORT company can manufacture equipment individually, according to enterprise needs and specialization. We also deliver equipment to any corner of Ukraine and provide a guarantee.