Improvement elements

Settlements improvement is a necessary component of every city

Landscaping is a very important element for the comfortable living of a neighborhood or city residents. Everyone will like to wait for a bus at a new stop or to walk on a well-lit street in the evening.

The KONSORT company produces landscaping elements for any needs. We can make a complete bus stop equipped with benches and lighting, we will help you to decorate near building territory, and we can mount a playground.  

Landscaping will help to provide future homes and neighborhoods with the necessary elements. To upgrade outdated items, or fresh up décor, to brighten up a dark alleyway, and to provide outdoor waste bins.

Improvement objects

To have a comfortable living, working and resting space for people in different settlements it is necessary that the facilities are in proper condition. They are regulated by the Law of Ukraine No. 4710-VI of 17.05.2012.

List of objects:

System of garbage and waste collection and disposal (bins for garbage separate collection);

Transport stops;

Equipment for children sports grounds;

Items for advertisement installation and lighting (signs);

Elements of monumental art (fountains, pools, steles);

Traffic control devices (cameras, traffic lights, stations).

The system must be designed and thought out to the smallest details. It is directly related to the general well-being of citizens, their physical and aesthetic state, and the elements of landscape improvement are in integral part of it.

There is a concept “small elements of architectural form urban landscaping”. This is an element of cities décor furnishing. This includes:

Street vases;

Letters, patterns on store signs;

Street furniture: benches in parks and squares;


Information stands and boards;

Equipped parking lots near such infrastructure facilities as hospitals, stores and shopping centers.

The placement of small architectural forms also takes place after obtaining legal permission. All elements and amenities provide each city with a wonderful view and uniqueness.

Where and how to do the right landscaping

Not only should the authorities deal with these issues, because everyone can maintain the surrounding area in good condition. You can plant trees and flowers, take care of parks and outdoor furniture. Or you can contact the KONSORT company and we will help to ensure the improvement of the required territory or an object. Our specialists have extensive experience, so we take into account all our clients wishes and offer the best improvement elements options.

Call us and we will provide you with complete information and will answer to all your questions.