Brush sink for roots and nuts (from 1 000 kg / h with a screw)

The sink is a container with U-shaped rotating brush rollers and water nozzles. It has a modern, rational, and compact design. High functionality allows washing vegetables using one equipment, and there is no need to purchase separate equipment. The number of maintenance personnel and the need for production space are reduced. Root crops are loaded from the above into the washing equipment on rotating shafts, water is supplied from nozzles above. Rotating shafts carry out movements, washing root crops. After the root crops are cleaned well enough, the operator opens the side cover of the sink container, and nut due to the shafts rotation are automatically thrown out onto the takeoff tray. You can place a basket, cart or other container under the take-off tray to collect clean products. After the root crops are unloaded the operator closes the side cover and puts a new portion of products. The sink is equipped with a control box with an emergency stop system; and start and stop buttons.
Technical characteristics:
Overall dimensions 600 * 1 100 * 1 800 mm
Brushes length 1 200 mm
Motor reducer 1.5 kW, Neri Motori, Italy
The equipment can be designed according to individual parameters necessary for the customer
Economic advantage:
Improving product cleanliness quality Improving product cleanliness quality
Improving product cleanliness quality Productivity increase by minimum 2 times
Improving product cleanliness quality Workforce optimization up to 30%
Improving product cleanliness quality Reduction in human-related risks
Spheres of usage:
  • Enterprises and factories specialized in processing, packing, and freezing berries, fruit, vegetables, mushroom, and nuts
  • Wholesale warehouses and depots
Benefits and options:
  1. European design
  2. Manufacturing process automation
  3. Payback in 9 months