Machine for dry cleaning of vegetables (roller conveyor)

A roller conveyor with a machine for dry cleaning of vegetables is used to clean the product (root crops/vegetables) from dust, soil residues, husks, etc. It is installed, for example, at the beginning of the onion and garlic processing line. Our dehusking equipment is an excellent solution for agricultural enterprises looking for an effective way to improve the quality of their crops. Key features and benefits of our product include: Effective cleaning: Our conveyor uses specially designed rollers to effectively remove the husk from the agricultural product, ensuring the purity and quality of the product. High productivity: Thanks to the optimized design and fast movement of the rollers, our conveyor provides high productivity, which allows you to efficiently process large volumes of agricultural products. Reliability: We use high-quality materials and components, which guarantees the durability and reliability of the conveyor in the conditions of agricultural facilities. Simple Operation: Our conveyor is easy to install and maintain, which reduces setup and maintenance time and makes it an ideal choice for a variety of farms and farms. Flexibility in setting: We provide the ability to adjust the speed and other parameters of the conveyor in accordance with the needs of your production. With the help of our roller conveyor for cleaning agricultural products from husks, you can ensure the high quality of your harvest and optimize the process of processing agricultural products. Also, with the help of this equipment, the raw materials can be easily cleaned, due to the rotation of the rollers, without damaging the product. From above, the roller conveyor is covered with a casing, along the length of which flat brushes are installed, with the help of which the cleaning process takes place.
Technical characteristics:
Overall dimensions 2 000 * 1 000 mm
Board side height 100 mm
Brushes diameters 100 mm
Number of brushes 20 units
Motor reducer 1.5 kW, Neri Motori, Italy
The equipment can be designed according to individual parameters necessary for the customer
Economic advantage:
High-quality product peeling High-quality product peeling
High-quality product peeling Productivity increase up to 70 %
High-quality product peeling Workforce optimization up to 30%
High-quality product peeling Reduction in human-related risks
Spheres of usage:
  • Agricultural enterprises
  • Enterprises specialized in pre-sale product preparation
  • Wholesale warehouses and depots
Benefits and options:
  1. European design and quality
  2. Productivity process automation
  3. Easy to use and operate
  4. Preservation of product qualities