Conveyor for blowing off the product (partial drying)

Conveyor with a blowing system is designed for partial drying of the product after washing and its further transportation along the technological line. Raw material is transported on a perforated conveyor belt, under which there is a portable water drainage tray. The equipment is made of food grade stainless steel. For convenience and compliance with ergonomic standards a lighting system of the product sorting area is provided. Conveyor is equipped with rotating wheels and foot control pedal.
Technical characteristics:
Overall dimensions 5 000 * 800 * 800 mm
Blowing fans 2 units
Motor reducer 1,1 kW, Neri Motori, Italy
The equipment can be designed according to individual parameters necessary for the customer
Economic advantage:
Improving products quality and grade Improving products quality and grade
Improving products quality and grade Reduction of product damage, prevention vegetables from spoiling
Improving products quality and grade Productivity increase up to 70 %
Improving products quality and grade Reduction in human-related risks
Spheres of usage:
  • Agricultural enterprises specialized in growing vegetables and their pre-sale preparation
  • Wholesale warehouses and depots
  • Enterprises specialized in vegetables packaging and freezing
Benefits and options:
  1. European design and quality
  2. Productivity process automation
  3. Easy to use and operate
  4. Preservation of product qualities