Transfer switch

It is intended for overturning tubs in order to move the tub capacity to its destination. Lifting and tipping of the tub due to the engine and toothed belt. 54R.09
Technical characteristics:
Engine – 0.75 kW
The weight of the tub is 100 kg
Unloading height – 1.5 m
Material of manufacture - structural steel with powder coating.
Economic advantage:
Lower production costs Lower production costs
Lower production costs Reduction in human-related risks by 20%
Lower production costs (UA) Зниження виробничих витрат
Lower production costs (UA) Скорочення ризиків пов'язаних з людським фактором на 20%
Spheres of usage:
  • At logistics warehouses
  • At petroleum products production enterprises
  • At honey production enterprises
  • At paint production enterprises
Benefits and options:
  1. Allows you to speed up the process of unloading and loading goods at warehouse
  2. Simple in operation and durable design