Snail processing line

This line is designed to optimize and to automate the processing of snails. The line consists of a loading conveyor with a hopper, a distribution conveyor, and four inspection conveyors. Each of the conveyors is equipped with a food grade polyurethane belt. Belt tension is regulated with tensioning mechanisms, and supporting rollers prevent the belt from sagging. The drive and tension rolls are mounted on self-aligning bearings in a closed housing. The control box has a belt emergency stop system, start, stop and speed control buttons, and is protected by a corrugated tube. The line can be also additionally equipped with a vibrating sieve for snails.
Technical characteristics:
Polyurethane tape 1,3 mm, Chiorino, Italy
Motor reducer Neri Motori, Italy 1 unit
Connection to power supply 220 Volts
Material used food grade stainless steel
Frequency converter INVT 1 unit
Line components:
Loading conveyor 1 unit
Flows distribution conveyor 1 unit
Inspection conveyor 4 units
Complete set of vibrating sieves
Overall dimensions 1 000 * 2 000 mm.
Loading height 1 200 mm.
Unloading height 800 mm.
Vibrator with a frequency converter 1 unit
The equipment can be designed according to individual parameters necessary for the customer
Economic advantage:
Improving products quality and grade up to 80% Improving products quality and grade up to 80%
Improving products quality and grade up to 80% Productivity increase up to 90%
Improving products quality and grade up to 80% Lower labour costs up to 60%
Improving products quality and grade up to 80% Reduction in human-related risks by 20%
Spheres of usage:
  • To inspect, sort and process food products
Benefits and options:
  1. European design provides a professional and clean look
  2. The equipment is designed in accordance with all the rules and regulations put forward to the food industry equipment
  3. There is possibility to complete the line with extra components if necessary
  4. Production process is automated