Line for sorting solid waste 50 000 tons per year

The solid waste sorting complex provides selection of valuable secondary raw materials out of waste and then sending them to the final processing points. Solid waste goes to the receiving department to the specially designed pits, where the receiving L-type conveyor is located. Then the conveyor delivers the waste to the drum separator (screens). The screen is used to separate fine fraction (organic, soil, etc.). The screen is made of a mesh drum and has a packet breaking system. There is a conveyor for removing fine fraction into special containers under the screen. Selected raw material goes on the inclined conveyors from the screen to the useful fraction selection room. There is a sorting department with installed inspection (sorting) conveyors for manual sorting of useful secondary raw materials in the room. At the end of the sorting conveyor there is an iron separator that separates metal products into a separate container. Special containers for collecting solid waste are installed under the room for selection of useful fraction.
Technical characteristics:
Line dimensions 30 000 * 5 000 * 5 580 mm.
Line components:
Inclined conveyor with a pit 1 unit
Drum separator 1 unit
Takeoff conveyor 1 unit
Inclined conveyor 1 unit
Useful waste selection room 1 unit
Inspection conveyor (sorting) for 12 people 1 unit
Magnetic separator 1 unit
Tailing conveyor 1 unit
Containers for collecting sorted waste
Technical characteristics:
Electric power consumption 21,8 kW per hour
Continuous line operation 8 hours
Stop for technical inspection 2 hours
Number of working shifts 2
Number of staff for one shift (8 hours):
Sorting operator 8-12 people
Mechanic 1 person
Power engineering specialist 1 person
Line operator 1 person
Loader driver 1 person
The equipment can be designed according to individual parameters necessary for the customer
Economic advantage:
Improving products quality and grade by 90% Improving products quality and grade by 90%
Improving products quality and grade by 90% Productivity increase up to 80%
Improving products quality and grade by 90% Lower production costs by 40%
Improving products quality and grade by 90% Reduction in human-related risks by 30%
Spheres of usage:
  • The line is used at landfills or separately built plants for crushing and sorting various waste: domestic waste, mixed waste, construction waste, organic and inorganic waste, waste paper and polymers, with the purpose of their further reuse and disposal
Benefits and options:
  1. European design provides a professional and clean look
  2. There are light and sound alarms and a 10-second time delay before starting the line to warn the staff
  3. Durable powder coating
  4. There is possibility to complete the line with extra components if necessary
  5. Automatic line control (start and stop of a specific technological process is provided)
  6. Installation of video surveillance
  7. Sound and light alarm