Belt conveyor – buy in Ukraine from the manufacturer

Belt conveyor – buy in Ukraine from the manufacturer
04 June 2024

Buy belt conveyor and belt conveyor (made in Ukraine)

Belt conveyors are designed for the transportation of grain, as well as other food and non-food bulk, lumpy, artificial and container loads. They can work both horizontally and in an inclined position. Due to high productivity and the ability to transport goods over long distances, belt conveyors are widely used in various industries, mining, agriculture, logistics and trade. The main working element is a moving belt, which moves with the help of a system of rollers and a traction mechanism.

Belt conveyor price

The cost of a belt conveyor depends on such parameters as:

  • tape width;
  • the complexity of the design;
  • range of transportation speeds;
  • conveyor length;
  • frame construction;
  • the angle of inclination;
  • additional equipment;
  • carrying capacity.

Buy belt conveyor Ukraine

You can buy a belt conveyor for your production from our factory. KONSORT will promptly design, manufacture and install conveyors of various types (you can order production according to individual parameters). Placing an order is easy: just fill out the order form or contact our manager by phone. We offer delivery, installation and further maintenance of our equipment 24/7 throughout Ukraine – which makes the purchase process as convenient as possible and further cooperation reliable.

Types of belt conveyors

There are several types of belt conveyors, which differ in design and purpose:

Horizontal belt conveyors are used to transport goods on a flat surface.
Inclined belt conveyors – allow you to move goods at an angle, which is especially useful in conditions of limited space.
Mobile belt conveyors are easy to move and are used for temporary or seasonal work.
Corrugated belt conveyors – provide additional traction when transporting goods at an angle.

Each type of belt conveyor has its own features and advantages, which allow you to optimally use them for specific tasks.

Direct belt conveyor

A straight belt conveyor is the most popular type of transportation equipment that ensures the continuous movement of goods. It consists of two drums and a conveyor belt. The drive drum ensures the movement of the tape, and the tension drum maintains its necessary stiffness. A flat belt is used for horizontal transportation, and a corrugated belt with partitions is used for inclined transportation. The design of the direct belt conveyor allows working in conditions of pollution and dust, therefore it is made of high-quality materials and components, such as seals and bearings with protective washers.

Production of belt conveyors

Our company is engaged in the production of belt conveyors according to the specified parameters or according to the task. If you are looking for equipment for your business, we can make custom conveyors to fit your needs and budget. For this, it is necessary to determine the type of cargo, operating conditions, belt width, engine power, movement speed, angle of inclination and performance of the equipment. We guarantee the high quality of equipment, adhering to high manufacturing standards, and also provide an 18-month warranty.

Contact our specialists who will provide the necessary advice and calculate the project for free: +38 (067) 116-50-25

Belt conveyors are designed for the transportation of grain, as well as other food and non-food bulk, lumpy, artificial and container loads.