Useful guide on how to order equipment from our company.

Useful guide on how to order equipment from our company.
28 July 2021

Stages of interaction with the client (how to make an order in KONSORT).

From the moment when the customer first applies to our company  and before the customer’s products go on the belt of our conveyor.

📍 STAGE №1 Request and appeal

It all starts with the need. For example, sort, move, speed up or pack – requests may vary. The client describes his problem situation or wishes.

Together with the personal manager, they choose options from our range. When necessary – the KONSORT team goes to the customer’s production to make all measurements.

📍 STAGE №2 Preparation of documentation

This is a contract and equipment specification. There we add detailed characteristics and a previous 3D model.

📍 STAGE №3 Approval and prepayment

Prepayment is made after agreeing on the characteristics and signing the contract.

📍 Stage №4 Production and communication

Products are manufactured at the plant. Our customers can receive photos, videos from the factory. Or come on your own to see the production process.

The technical control department tests and inspects the finished equipment. Next, we prepare the relevant documents confirming the quality.

📍 STAGE №5 Delivery and installation

Free delivery and installation of equipment at the customer’s enterprise. Our specialists run and inspect the equipment on site.

Only then is the final payment for the order.

📍 STAGE №6 Service

Warranty from us on the equipment – 18 months. Our service team carries out maintenance and repair round the clock and without days off across all territory of Ukraine.

You can leave an application: on the website konsort.com.ua; by telephone numbers of the hotline; on pages in our social networks (Facebook, Instagram).