Increase warehouse productivity: conveyor systems and equipment

Increase warehouse productivity: conveyor systems and equipment
14 September 2023

Production process of conveyor equipment

Production of conveyors in Ukraine: technological process and application

Conveyors are an integral part of modern industry and logistics, and Ukraine does not remain aloof from this industry. The production of conveyors in Ukraine has a long history and a high level of technical equipment, which allows meeting the needs of various sectors of the economy.

Conveyor Production Process

The production of conveyors in Ukraine is a high-tech industry that requires a lot of effort and internal resources. The conveyor production process can be divided into several stages:

1. Designing

The first stage is the development of the conveyor project, which takes into account the needs of the client and the specifics of a specific task. Engineers determine the type of conveyor, its dimensions, capacity and necessary functions.

2. Manufacturing of Components

After the project is approved, the production of components begins. This includes the manufacture of tapes, rollers, chains, electrical components, separators and other parts.

3. Assembly

At this stage, all the components come together to create a functional pipeline. Installers install the frame, drives, sorting mechanisms, indicators, sensors and other elements.

4. Testing

Each manufactured conveyor is subject to mandatory testing to ensure its reliability and functionality. Various tests are performed, including load, movement speed and movement accuracy.

5. Delivery and Installation

After the successful completion of testing, the conveyor is delivered to the destination and installed according to the customer’s requirements. This stage includes the installation of the structure, connection to the power grid and programming of the control system.

Types of Conveyor Systems

Different types of conveyors designed for different tasks and fields of application are produced in Ukraine:

1. Belt conveyors

This type of conveyor is the most common and is used in various industries, including automotive, food, forestry and warehousing. They are designed for horizontal movement of goods.

2. Telescopic conveyors

These conveyors are used to unload goods from vehicles such as trucks and containers. They allow you to efficiently unload large volumes of goods.

3. Bucket conveyors

Bucket conveyors are designed to move loose and heavy materials such as sand, gravel and cement. They are widely used in the construction and mining industries.

4. Elevator conveyors

Elevator conveyors are used for vertical movement of bulk materials such as grain, sugar, concrete. They are used in agriculture and food industry.

5. Chain conveyors

These conveyors are used to move heavy objects like automotive components, steel billets. They have a high carrying capacity.

6. Screw conveyors

Screw conveyors are used to move loose and viscous materials, such as flour, cement, clay. They help to efficiently transport materials that would otherwise be difficult to process.

7. Scraper conveyors

These conveyors are designed to transport coarse and aggressive materials such as slag, coal and sulphur. They have a strong construction and can work in the most difficult conditions.

8. Plate conveyors

Plate conveyors are used to transport heavy and bulky objects, such as steel sheets, plywood sheets. They have a strong and stable construction.

9. Lifting conveyors

Elevating conveyors are designed to move goods to a great height and lower them. They allow maximum use of space in production.

10. Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors are used to move goods over long distances, especially when it is necessary to easily change the direction of movement. They are widely used in warehousing and light industry.

11. Rotary conveyors

Rotary conveyors allow you to change the direction of movement of goods at an angle. They provide efficient transport of goods in narrow spaces.

Application of Conveyor Equipment in Ukraine

Conveyor equipment is widely used in Ukraine in various sectors of the economy:

Industry: Conveyors are used to automate production processes in industry, including automobile manufacturing, food processing, metallurgy, and other industries.

Agriculture: Conveyors help process and transport agricultural products such as grain and farm crops.

Construction: Bucket conveyors are used to transport construction materials, and elevator conveyors are used to lift cement and other materials to great heights.

Logistics: Conveyors are used in warehouses and logistics centers to sort and move goods.

Mining and Mining: Conveyors are used to transport coal, ore, and other resources from the mining site.

Energy: Conveyors are used to transport coal to power plants and other energy facilities.

Automotive Industry: Conveyors are used to move automotive components during the production of cars.

Warehousing: Roller and belt conveyors are used to organize and optimize the movement of goods in warehouses.

Advantages of using conveyor equipment

The use of conveyor equipment has numerous advantages, including:

Increasing the productivity of the industrial process.
Reduction of labor and manual labor costs.
Improving the quality of products and products.
More efficient use of space at the enterprise.
Reducing the risk of injury at the workplace.
How to buy a conveyor in Ukraine

If you are planning to buy a conveyor in Ukraine, here are some key steps:

Find out the needs of your company. Determine what tasks you need a pipeline for and what the requirements are for it.
Select a manufacturer or supplier. Thoroughly research the market and find a reliable supplier of conveyor equipment.
Compare offers. Compare different models of conveyors by characteristics and price.
Conduct a technical consultation. Contact specialists for advice on technical issues and selection of equipment.
Order and install the conveyor. After choosing suitable equipment, place an order and install it at your company.

The production of conveyors in Ukraine is an important component of the industry, which helps enterprises to increase efficiency and competitiveness. By following the right strategy, you will be able to find and purchase suitable conveyor equipment for your business.


The production of conveyors in Ukraine is an important industry that manufactures highly efficient equipment for various sectors of the economy. Various types of conveyors and their applications help businesses automate production and transportation processes, resulting in increased productivity and operational efficiency. The development of this industry contributes to the further growth of the industry and economy of Ukraine.

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