Belt calibrator for sorting berries and fruits.

Belt calibrator for sorting berries and fruits.
28 July 2021

Manually sort 1.5 tons of cherries? If you need to do it in a year?

A similar task for industrial purposes is performed by an belt calibrator. We present it in the work.

📍 Calibration process – fully automated. After starting the equipment, the calibrator independently sorts the products into fractions from 15 mm to 50 mm.

📍 You can select the desired product size by changing the distance between the belts. All elements of the conveyor meet the requirements for working with food. Installed belts from our partner – the Italian manufacturer CHIORINO.

📍 The conveyor is capable of processing more than 10 tons of products per work shift.

The calibrator is universal. Can be used for other berries, fruits and mushrooms.