Conveyor equipment in Ukraine

Conveyor equipment in Ukraine
15 September 2023

Familiarize yourself with the assortment of the plant's products (technological lines, equipment, conveyors, warehouse equipment)

Conveyor equipment in Ukraine

Welcome to the company “KONSORT” – your reliable partner in the creation and improvement of conveyor equipment in Ukraine. We specialize in the manufacture and sale of various conveyor equipment for various sectors of the economy. Our products meet the highest standards of quality and reliability, which allows our customers to optimize production processes and increase productivity.

⚙️ KONSORT™ is a Ukrainian factory that manufactures conveyor equipment:

✅ Experience – 17 years of leadership.
✅ 22 service platforms across Ukraine.
✅ European quality standards (ISO, CE, DSTU)
✅ Export to 18 countries.
✅ Free delivery!

❗ Why do you need AUTOMATION?

01. we will reduce costs by 30%
02. let’s increase productivity many times
03. we will remove the risks of the human factor
04. we will use the area rationally
05. we will take care of safety and reliability ⠀

🎯 We work with NOVA POSHTA, Obolon, DANONE, ROSHEN, ROZETKA and 4000 other enterprises 🇺🇦 🇪🇺. We improve the processes of transportation, sorting, processing, weighing, calibration and cleaning of products.

📊 We design process automation.
👨‍🏭 We produce in 15 days.
👷‍♂ Installation, configuration, start-up, service.
👨‍🔧 We serve 24/7 throughout Ukraine
🛡️ We provide 18-month guarantees. ⠀

👉 Let’s work together❓ Get a free consultation and project calculation by calling +38 (067) 116-50-25 or on the website konsort.com.ua

01. Complex technological lines

Our company specializes in the design and manufacture of complex technological lines, which include a variety of conveyor equipment for various stages of production. We develop individual solutions that meet your needs and tasks.

02. Conveyors and conveyors

Conveyors with a modular belt

We manufacture modular belt conveyors that allow easy customization and reconfiguration of the conveyor to meet production needs. It is an ideal choice for businesses that need to process different types of goods.

Chain conveyors

Our chain conveyors have a high load capacity and a long service life. They are ideal for transporting heavy materials and large products.

Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors help to optimize the movement of goods in a warehouse or production. They can be used for a variety of tasks, from sorting to moving goods over short distances.

Belt conveyors

Our belt conveyors allow you to efficiently move goods along horizontal and inclined surfaces. They are widely used in the food industry, the forestry complex and other areas.

Screw conveyors

Screw conveyors are used to move loose and viscous materials such as flour, cement and clay. They provide efficient transportation of materials that would otherwise be difficult to handle.

03. Calibrators

Our calibrators allow you to classify and sort goods by size and quality. They are widely used in agriculture and food industry for processing fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products.

04. Lifts and tippers

Our lifts and tippers allow you to move goods to different levels of production. They help to optimize the use of space and rationally use the working area.

05. Washing and cleaning

Our conveyor equipment for washing and cleaning allows you to effectively remove pollution and production residues from the surface of goods. This is important for maintaining quality and hygiene standards in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

06. Cutting machines

Our cutting machines allow you to cut and process materials to the required dimensions. They are used in construction, furniture industry and other industries.

07. Storage bunkers

Storage hoppers are used to store and supply bulk materials such as grain, cement, sand and others. They help ensure a continuous production process.

08. Weighing equipment

Our weighing equipment allows you to accurately measure the weight of goods and control production processes. It is used in logistics centers, warehouses and other areas where measurement accuracy is important.

09. Everything for the warehouse

We provide solutions for the organization and optimization of warehouse management. Our warehouse conveyor equipment helps move, sort and store goods efficiently.

10. Elements of landscaping

We also offer landscaping elements to organize a comfortable and safe working environment. Our lots include fences, barriers, benches and other equipment to create comfortable working conditions.

We are proud of our company and its production capabilities. Our team of professionals is always ready to consider your needs and help you find the best solution for your business. Do not hesitate to contact us for advice and support. Together we will make your business even more efficient and productive!

We are proud of our company and its production capabilities. Our team of professionals is always ready to consider your needs and help you find the best solution for your business.