7 facts of the 2021 berry season ⤵️.

7 facts of the 2021 berry season ⤵️.
28 July 2021

Ukraine is among the top 20 exporters of berries to the world market. In total, more than $ 230 million has already been generated, thanks only to exports.

  • The most popular berries of 2021 by area of ​​cultivation:
    – blueberries;
    – garden strawberries;
    – raspberry.
  • Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and China import the most Ukrainian strawberries.
  • Organic products are a trend of a healthy lifestyle. The demand for fresh berries and fruits is growing every year. Over the past months, deliveries abroad have increased by an average of 20%. Strawberries and blueberries are in the lead among frozen berries.
  • Almost half of all agricultural exports go to consumers in Europe. Currently, EU countries are increasingly concluding long-term cooperation agreements with Ukrainian economies.
  • Ukraine has leading regions in the supply of berries. Thus, raspberries are more often sent from Lviv, Volyn, Vinnytsia regions. And blueberries – from Zhytomyr, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kyiv.
  • Among KONSORT orders, the number of agricultural clients has grown by 30% over the last year. Owners of small farms often order an inspection table for sorting and a bubble sink for cleaning products. Large companies choose complex lines of 4-6 units with a capacity of more than 2 tons of berries per hour.
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