5 benefits of the updated set of the line for vegetables.

5 benefits of the updated set of the line for vegetables.
28 July 2021

1- The presence of a machine for pruning stems and leaves.
Suitable for garlic and onions. Cutting knives are made of stainless steel. The process can take place in 4 posts simultaneously.

-2- Moving products at the same time as pre-washing. For this purpose the belt conveyor with system of nozzles works. The modular conveyor belt provides water drainage.

Suitable for vegetables, fruits or lettuce with minor contamination.

-3- After washing, partial drying of products is carried out automatically.
To do this, a fan and lamps are placed above the conveyor belt.

-4- Automating production, you can process from 500 kg of production per hour.

-5- Any of the units can be used as a complex or as a separate unit. This line consists of 4 modules for vegetable processing:
▪ machine for pruning stems and leaves;
▪ inclined conveyor for garbage disposal;
▪ belt conveyor with nozzle system;
▪ conveyor with pre-drying system.

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