Quality blanching machines from reliable manufacturers

In order to ensure high-quality heat treatment of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables it is necessary to use blanching machines. These are efficient equipment that no food manufacturer can do without. They allow you to simplify processing of products and preserve their basic taste and physical properties.

Types of blanching machines

There are following models of this equipment depending on their design type:


Belt for potatoes;



Belt models features

Belt blanching machine is used for heat processing of hard vegetables such carrots, cabbage, potatoes, etc. Its price depends on its functional parameters. Due to their structure belt conveyors with special buckets transport vegetables to the blanching machine. There vegetables are processed with a heavy steam flow.

The equipment structure additionally consists of:

Bath tub;

Steam delivery pipes;

Automatic valve that controls steam amount.

Equipment operating mode is selected in accordance with the characteristics of the processed fruit and vegetables.

Belt blanching machines for potatoes

This model is highly targeted because it is designed exclusively for potato processing. The equipment consists of:


Chambers for washing potatoes;

Scalding chamber;

Cooling chambers.

Potatoes are quickly steam processed, after which they become ready for further production process, that is manufacturing of the final product.

Capacitive equipment

This equipment is used for pre-processing (blanching) of various products (vegetables and mushrooms) before canning them. Operator can control the operating temperature and the volume of raw materials.

Screw equipment

This equipment is used to heat whole and crushed fruit, to inactivate and soften them. They easily cope with stone and pome fruit heating to a temperature of 90-95o.

Where to buy quality blanching machines

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